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Q: What should my child wear to class?

A: Gymnastics leotards are recommended. We do have them for sale in our lobby. They can wear dance leotards if there is no skirt attached and no large open holes in the back. The skirts may get caught on the bars. The holes in the back cause a risk for the coach to get their arm caught while spotting. They are also welcome to wear athletic shorts and a T shirt as long as the shorts do not have buttons or zippers. Please no spaghetti strap tank tops or sports bras. For the ninja classes athletic shorts and T shirts are best.


Q: How much do classes cost?

A: Rates  Per month:                 
1 Weekly 30 minute parent child class = $60                                
1 Weekly 45 minute preschool class = $65                                
1 Weekly 60 minute recreational class = $80                                
1 Weekly 45 minute homeschool class = $45                                                                                            


Q: What other fees should I expect when I register?

A: Registration Fee  $35, 1st child, $25 second, max family $75. We also ask for your first and last months tuition. This ensures that we have the proper staff to cover the class.  When you fill out a drop form at the desk for your 30 day notice we will use this balance for your last month of classes. 


Q: Do you have sibling discounts?

 A: A 20% sibling discount is offered for additional siblings.

Q: Can my child take more then 1 class a week?

A: Yes, taking more than 1 class a week will help them to progress more quickly. We off a 45% discount off your 2nd class, and a 55% discount off your 3rd class for the same student.               


Q: How old does my child need to be to enroll in classes?

A: Our parent child classes start at 18 months. We accept gymnasts up to 18 years. 


Q: My child has never done gymnastics. Where should we start?

A: We suggest that they start in a beginner class to grasp the basics of the sport. Our schedule does have age break downs so that your child will be with their peers. There are classes for K5 to Grade 2 and class for Grade 2 and up, as well as grade 4 and up. We also have tumbling classes that focus on the floor, trampoline and tumble track. We recommend this class for children older than 12 wanting to begin the sport.  


Q: How do I know when classes will not be held?

A: We follow District 5's school closings for weather. We also send out emails for holiday closings.

Q: How do I make up a missed class?

A: We allow up to 3 make ups per year for our recreational classes. Please look at our schedule for the same class at a different time or day and then call the desk and check for availability. If you do not call ahead we can not guarantee a spot because the class may be at capacity.  We only allow 3 make up classes a year so that we have the proper staffing for each class. Make ups for weather do not count towards your 3 make ups per year. 


Q: Can I pay with Credit Card?

A: We accept Visa and Master Card for purchase over $25.


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